Course offer

Course Concept


The complete offer and the individual courses are designed as certificate courses. After successful completion of the course the participants receive an appropriate certificate. The compilation of the modules and teaching units is developed individually for each of the interested companies and tailored to their needs. The aim of the individual courses is to impart well-founded theoretical knowledge and to deepen it with everyday practical examples from the industry. Problem-based learning concepts are used for this purpose. In addition, workshops are held in which the participants actively apply and consolidate what they have learned. The courses are offered according to didactic and pedagogical aspects in form of a blended-learning concept, i. e. modern, digitally supported forms of teaching and learning are combined with classical analog and face-to-face courses. The course participants are assisted in selecting a combination of course content tailored to their concrete applications and target formulations.

We offer following courses (All courses are held in Spanish):

Chief Maintenance Manager

Industrial Maintenance – Using the Potential in Your Company!

The Institute for Industrial Management at RWTH Aachen University (FIR) offers the certification course “Chief Maintenance Manager” that provides comprehensive key competencies for future maintenance tasks, highlights their increasing importance for companies and provides information on current trends. Experts from industry and research impart knowledge from Best Practices and lectures, deepened by means of case studies and practical exercises.

Qualification as EAWS-practitioner

Ergonomic Work Design – Perform Ergonomic Evaluations Autonomously!

The MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. (MTM) offers a qualification in ergonomic work design as EAWS-practitioner. This offer starts with the EAWS training module, followed – preferably – by several months of practical application. This is followed by training as an EAWS professional. After successful completion, the participant will receive the “Blue Card” (EAWS) certificate. This is an internationally recognized certificate of competence for EAWS practitioners, which is valid for three years. The trainings are offered public or in-house.

Ramp-up Management

Efficient Ramp-up – Designing a Modern Ramp-up Management

The PEM Aachen GmbH (PEM), offers the certification course “Ramp-up Management” that provides its participants with the knowledge and practical skills in this highly dynamic field. The main characteristic of ramp-up management is its connection to nearly all processes in a production company; it is therefore defined by interdisciplinary and high complexity. In the course relevant methods and concepts of ramp-up management will be covered. The entire product life cycle starting from the fi rst prototype up to a product ready for release will be illustrated and the participants will gain hands-on experience using realistic case studies.

Industrial Logistics

Industrial Logistics Management and Integration on the Road to Industrie 4.0

In order to comprehensively introduce participants to the topic of “Industrial Logistics”, this course will cover everything from the goals and tasks of Industrial Logistics to individual aspects of Interlogistics, Logistics Processes and Intralogistics. Special focus is placed on highlighting recent developments in research and industry. Overall, the course emphasizes the theoretical contents with examples from Best Practices in the industry.

Chief Workplace-Innovation Manager

Integrating competence development and production processes – Designing work prospectively

The certificate course “Chief Workplace-Innovation Manager” of the Institute for Industrial Management at RWTH Aachen University (FIR) provides participants extensive expertise in the fields of competence development for the transformation towards Industrie 4.0, leading by objectives and creating learning enhancing work environments, integration of competence development and work processes as well as comparative management approaches to successful managing German and Mexican cultural differences.


Productive and healthy work

The MTM ASSOCIATION offers courses to achieve the MTM-practitioner qualification. This starts with training MTM-1, subsequently followed by training in at least a second MTM-process language and – preferably – an application practice for several months. After a successful completion of the training “MTM-practitioner” the participant receives the “Blue Card”. Each training or of the whole qualification as “MTM-practitioner” with the certificate “Blue Card” is offered either as a public or an internal training.

Expert Industrial Tool and Die Making

Technologies and strategies for a sustainable tool and die making

The certificate course “Expert Industrial Tool and Die Making” of the WBA Aachener Werkzeugbau Akademie comprises essential core elements of the industrial tool and die making and includes detailed concepts and methods by which a traditionally handcrafted tool and die making company can develop into an industrial tool and die making company of international standard.

Lean Management 4.0 Production Expert

Implementing Lean Production Management in the digital transformation process

The certificate course “Lean Management 4.0 Production Expert” imparts participants application-oriented knowledge and ability regarding introduction and implementation of principles and methods of Lean Thinking for Industrie 4.0. Lean Thinking bases on the five basic principles customer value, value stream, flow-processes, pull principles and perfection. In the course offered by the LEI these principles are picked up and extended by the perspective of transformation according to a future-oriented and sustainable Lean training.