Chief Maintenance Manager

Chief Maintenance Manager

Industrial Maintenance – Using the Potential in Your Company!

What we offer:

The Institute for Industrial Management at RWTH Aachen University (FIR) offers the certification course “Chief Maintenance Manager” that provides comprehensive key competencies for future maintenance tasks, highlights their increasing importance for companies and provides information on current trends. Experts from industry and research impart knowledge from Best Practices and lectures, deepened by means of case studies and practical exercises.

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Target group

Maintenance and production managers, general managers, senior employees of the different specialized departments of the company and managers of maintenance-related areas.

Course objective

In combination of theoretical aspects and team exercises, the didactic contents are conveyed descriptively. The presentation of experiences and Best Practices is a decisive factor for the application and development of what has been learned. Through this combination, participants will be sensitized to the new challenges of maintenance management, making this certification course a unique continuing education offer.

Key capabilities to be acquired

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

• understand the current economic situation and the current maintenance issues of the company,
• manage maintenance in the transition to Industrie 4.0 in an innovative way,
• identify occupational safety requirements in maintenance activities,
• select and implement maintenance strategies in relation to process safety,
• identify and evaluate aspects of maintenance to reduce costs and increase efficiency,
• make the necessary decisions regarding leadership in the maintenance of tomorrow.


The FIR does not only offer the above-described course but also coordinates the Y-Mas continuing education program. The FIR is a non-profit, intersectoral research and educational institution at RWTH Aachen University with about 120 staff members. For more than 60 years the FIR is considered one of the leading German research institutions in the field of organization and industrial management. Furthermore, it is concerned with the organization of corporate IT aiming at establishing the organizational basis for the digitally integrated industrial enter- prise of the future. As an internationally recognized institute and a long-term partner of the German automotive sector, FIR takes respon- sibility as the main contact for the Y-Mas program.