Industrial Logistics

Industrial Logistics

Industrial Logistics Management and Integration on the Road to Industrie 4.0

What we offer

The FIR, MTM and PEM, in order to comprehensively introduce participants to the topic of “Industrial Logistics”, offer the course that will cover everything from the goals and tasks of Industrial Logistics to individual aspects of Interlogistics, Logistics Processes and Intralogistics. Special focus is placed on highlighting recent developments in research and industry. Overall, the course emphasizes the theoretical contents with examples from Best Practices in the industry.


Target group

Managers and executives of logistics or production departments.

Course objective and key capabilities to be acquired

Interlogistics: the offered course teaches the goals and tasks of industrial interlogistics as well as the most important aspects from organizational integration to logistics controlling. Furthermore, the importance and the influence of special issues will be conveyed.

Logistics Processes: the course provides the participant with knowledge and skills for planning, designing and optimizing logistics processes. The course also teaches practical application of the logistics building blocks, created on the level of operation steps and operation sequences in combination with the MTM-UAS building block system.

Intralogistics: the offered course provides the necessary knowledge to design intralogistics in such a way that not only costs can be saved, but also the risk of line downtime due to a faulty logistics chain can be minimized.