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What we offer

The MTM ASSOCIATION (MTM) offers courses to achieve the MTM-practitioner qualification. With the MTM practitioner and the associated reputation, the MTM offers the world‘s most widely used quality hallmark in industrial engineering! The MTM practitioner is the guarantor for MTM‘s compliance accordingly, being the contact person for works councils, employees and executives to design the MTM application in the company.

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Target group

Specialist and operational executives from the fields of industrial engineering, planning, time management, work preparation, production, logistics, occupational safety and health, product and equipment construction as well as the works council and other interest groups.

Course objective

The goal is the completion of the qualification as MTM practitioner and the awarding of the „Blue Card“ MTM.

The MTM practitioner is the expert in the enterprise to use MTM and master:
● The recognition and evaluation of potential for improvement
● The planning and implementation of design and improvement projects
● The ergonomic and economical work design.

Key capabilities to be acquired

Qualification as an MTM practitioner conveys knowledge and skills for the application of the MTM process, in particular the application of the individual MTM process module systems for the planning, design and optimization of processes, work systems and products.

Operational tasks of the MTM practitioner are:
● Organization of improvement workshops & implementation support
● Work allocation & personnel needs assessment
● Method planning & work instruction
● Process planning & workplace design
● Default time calculation & processing of time complaints
● Compliant MTM application & expert for the MTM application


The MTM based in Hamburg, Germany, was founded in 1962 under the name of Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. as a non-profit, scientific-technical association. It has more than 400 members, of which approximately 250 company members represent about 2.75 million employees in Germany. MTM‘s special expertise is the productivity management in industry, services and administration. Hereby the main objective is to reach the optimal combination of efficiency and ergonomics. In the field of industrial engineering, the scientific methods and tools of MTM rank among the most impor- tant international standards in the industry.