Ramp-up Management

Ramp-up Management

Efficient Ramp-up – Designing a Modern Ramp-up Management

What we offer

The PEM Aachen GmbH (PEM), offers the certification course “Ramp-up Management” that provides its participants with the knowledge and practical skills in this highly dynamic field. The main characteristic of ramp-up management is its connection to nearly all processes in a production company; it is therefore defined by interdisciplinary and high complexity. In the course relevant methods and concepts of ramp-up management will be covered. The entire product life cycle starting from the fi rst prototype up to a product ready for release will be illustrated and the participants will gain hands-on experience using realistic case studies.


Target group

Key technical and operative managerial personnel from areas including: Production and production planning, procurement, training, logistics and logistics planning, quality, development and change management.

Course objective

Having participated in the certification course “Ramp-up management” the participants will be able to implement and systematically improve a consistent target system that considers the various connected disciplines and their respective requirements. In this way, they can contribute to stable processes in a dynamic and interdisciplinary context. They will also be able to create and maintain an efficient product development process.

Key capabilities to be acquired

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

• conceptualize a successful ramp-up process according to the Aachen model that is both technically and economically sustainable,
• explain the complexity of ramp-up management and the interaction of the processes it involves,
• name and describe the controlling and correction mea- sures for the business departments involved and their respective business processes,
• describe and confidently realize optimization methods of change management in the context of ramp-up management.


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