About Y-Mas


Continuing Education for the Productive Sector in Spanish-Speaking Latin America

The transformation to more complex production processes and more individualized products, as well as intense international competition, demand constant development of employees’ professional skills and expertise. We want to help you adapt to this transformation as quickly as possible! With our Y-Mas training program, you will learn what you need to know for the effective and efficient production management of tomorrow.


We Support You on Your Path to an Effective and Efficient Production of Tomorrow!

Through the Y-Mas continuing education program, your employees will learn to manage production, logistics, work and learning processes more effectively and efficiently. At the same time, your employees will be prepared for the industrial transformation towards Industrie 4.0. We offer you a Blended-Learning-based program tailored to the individual needs of your company focused on four key topics of production management.

The Y-Mas Continuing Education Program Includes:

  • modern maintenance (FIR),
  • ergonomic work implementation (MTM),
  • high-performance and rapid Ramp-up (PEM),
  • management and integration of industrial logistics (FIR, MTM and PEM),
  • effective and efficient work implementation, enhancing employees’ learning processes (FIR),
  • innovative human-oriented productivity management (MTM),
  • modern tool and die manufacture management (WBA),
  • Lean-methods adaptive to Industrie 4.0 (WBA),

realized as

  • Blended-Learning-offering,
  • customized to your individual needs.

The Program Addresses

  • skilled employees and middle and lower management levels in manufacturing companies.