Chief Workplace-Innovation Manager

Chief Workplace-Innovation Manager

Integrating competence development and production processes – Designing work prospectively

What we offer

The certificate course “Chief Workplace-Innovation Manager” of the Institute for Industrial Management at RWTH Aachen University (FIR) provides participants extensive expertise in the fields of competence development for the transformation towards Industrie 4.0, leading by objectives and creating learning enhancing work environments, integration of competence development and work processes as well as comparative management approaches to successful managing German and Mexican cultural differences. After completing the course, participants are able to proactively identify future competence requirements through appropriate tools and methods and also design and tailor the learning processes of their employees quicker as well as more focused. In addition, they learn to combine Mexican mentality and German corporate culture, mastering the resulting challenges and exploiting potentials. Through the combination of the necessary basics, proven methods and current case studies, as well as the integration of top-class expertise from science and practice, the course participants are enabled to design the best possible working and learning processes for their employees and actively support change processes in their company.


Target group

Specialists and operative executives in the fields of work design, production management and human resources management.

Course objective

The main topic of the certificate course offered by the FIR is “Integrating competence development and production processes – Designing work prospectively”. In accordance with this objective, the course aims to develop the necessary competences for a successful design of the industrial transformation towards Industrie 4.0 at an early stage for operational managers and thus also for their employees. A special focus is placed on enhancing learning in work processes by means of technology-based and classic work integrated learning approaches. Moreover, implications and approaches for dealing with socio-cultural differences between Germany and Mexico will be discussed. After completion of the course, your operational managers will be able to optimize employees’ engagement, significantly reduce their training time and increase their flexibility through the learned content and methods. They can also make a valuable contribution to reducing employee turnover.

Key skills to be acquired

Participants of the course learn to:

● understand the changes resulting from the transformation towards Industrie 4.0,
● initiate change processes of existing work systems self-confidently and at the same time to motivate staff members,
● apply adequate leadership concepts,
● evaluate the competences of the staff members professionally and to recognize development potential at an early stage,
● recognize and evaluate learning potentials during the work process,
● select and implement appropriate measures for work-based learning processes,
● identify challenges and potentials in differences between the German (corporate) and Mexican culture,
● overcome cultural differences and to create synergies.


The certificate course Chief Workplace-Innovation Manager is offered by the Institute for Industrial Management at RWTH Aachen University (FIR). The FIR is a non-profit, intersectoral research and educational institution at RWTH Aachen University with about 120 staff members and is considered one of the leading German research institutions in the field of business organization and industrial management for more than 60 years. In addition, it is concerned with the organization of corporate IT with the aim to establish the organizational basis for the digitally integrated industrial enterprise of the future. The institute accompanies, researches and teaches in close cooperation with industrial partners in the fields of Service Management, Business Transformation, Information Management and Production Management. Within the framework of the Campus Cluster Smart Logistics, which we are responsible for at the campus of RWTH Aachen University, we have our own pre-series production of electric vehicles in the Demonstrationsfabrik Aachen (DFA). In addition, our Mexican courses are based on our long-term experience in research and consulting projects with German automotive manufacturers and suppliers.